Redlands' Values


  • Managing your learning
  • Developing and organising ideas
  • Working with people

Pupils develop an interactive menu of learning methods and their peers assess their confidence and effectiveness in these, by giving them feedback.


  • Working with people
  • Seeing patterns
  • Memory techniques

Pupils are invited to demonstrate how they transfer learning from one domain of their home and school life, to another.


  • Understanding yourself as a learner
  • Staying motivated
  • Being persistent

Pupils constantly develop new ways of working out what to do when they get stuck and are assessed according to how effectively they apply them and share them with others.


  • Noticing
  • Questioning
  • Distilling experiences

Pupils are encouraged to set their own questions for most of the occasions when summative assessment is required.


  • Accepting change
  • Adapting and flexing
  • Planning your life

Pupil can adapt quickly showing initiative and flexibility. These skills are developed progressively and instill a love of lifelong learning.


  • Communicating appropriately
  • Thoughtfulness to all
  • Appreciation scale

Pupils exemplify behaviours that show tolerance and appreciation of all with a firm sense of equality and awareness of self.